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SuperEliot from Vienna | Artist Interview

We met SuperEliot in Vienna this year to talk to him about his art, life and future plans. Enjoy his latest work…

SuperEliot from Vienna | Artist Interview

Whats your name:

ELIOT crews are BK (“Böse Knaben”, founded 1985 in Munich) and AFM (“art for money”, as well a Munich based oldschool crew). ELIOT is a real name in english but not so well known in germany, i liked that.

Where are you from? In which City do you live and work?

born in Munich living and working in Berlin

Describe your art!  What are you doing?

I am a Graffiti writer and Comic artist from the past. today i work mostly on canvas and give my past a new look. you could say it is street, pop art related. I use yarn and do embroider and x-stitch in my work (in the canvas).

Which techniques do you use?

today I use the brush more often but mostly for background and fill ins so far. spray paint freehand and stencil. yarn and needle. i like silk screen a lot and photography as well i do moulds and casts.

Do you have a favourite style? what are your motives?

…I am a fun and visual guy, meaning i dont take things to serious and i like to have some humor in. I love it when i can laugh my ass of when working – it just feels great. I remember drawing comics with my friend Skunk early nineties and we where loughing constantly for 3 months – simply because we where so full of shit and had so much fun drawing it. i like food and machines and girls and myself and you can see that in my work too i guess.

You work with stiching on your canvases. What did inspire you doing this? What does it mean?

I was walking in the art supply store one time and found this stand full with very colour rich yarn. the richness of the colours reminded me of spray paint and i couldnt stop thinking about the material and how i could use it. then it crossed my mind: cross stitch. it is a technique what is not too hard to learn and because of the square pattern looks like pixelated. i am a kid of the 80ties and blocky, pixelated grafix is what i clearly remember hanging out with friends and playing with the home computers in the past. i love the aesthetics of pixels and i love colour rich colours. as well i do believe that the yarn is some material what will last for ever rather opposite of graffiti as graffiti has kind of the nature to not last very long. anyway, x-stitch is probably a pretty old fashioned thing but i mix it with a rougher matrix and create urban motives and I hope you like it.

What about the Schnitzel Burger? Tell us something about this project!

Well i love “schnitzel” and when i walked around in Vienna I had one of these “schnitzel-semmel” and then it hit me, turned around and bought another one to mould it.I started to cover the schnitzel and the semmel with latex and let it sit until it smelled the next day. ready was the mould and with plaster i created the first batch of the neon schnitzel-semmel. I placed them on various monuments in vienna and filmed the act of planting very roughly. a lot of fun and a pink schnitzel semmel just brings back things to earth. a second batch is in the making right now.. check out the video:

How did you get started?

i remember doing comics as a kid but i got serious about it when i first got the book “subwayart” in my hands. that must be around 1987. I officially count 1988 as my starting point, it was the year when i made the first money painting graffiti and it felt great to earn some cash with what you love. looking back, i dont actually see a starting point to do art its more about becoming old enough to realise that this is what i do, work in creative ways. When I started graffiti it was the nature of it to work in the streets. today I dont work so much in the streets anymore, sometimes I want to change this The “schnitzel-semmel” was kind of like in the past, bombing pink schnitzel instead of a name – super fun haha.

Who mainly influenced your work?

I dont have any idols. In general i have a lot of respect for artists who are developing their unique style and own “language” – but maybe it is the artwork what pics the artist.. That doesnt need to by fine or street art, this could be music or design or architecture as well, If i see something what i like, it mainly inspires me to push my own work.

What about “Streetart” in general in your city and country?
Which artists are in your crew or with whom do you go “out at night”?

there are many activities in Berlin, as you might know… I am happy to be familiar with so many, talened young and old. Some I know better like Prost, Evol, Various & Gould, Nomad, Hr. v. Bias, Nychos REM, Won, Sonic, Loomit, Zebster, Neon, Stink, Just, Förtress  and with some i hang out or do exhibitions on a regular basis like Emess, Pisa73, Base23, Pabo, Disturbanity Czarnobyl, Fanta, FUA,  oh and of course there are so many more i just forgot.

Are you also contributing to “normal” Exhibitions or Galleries?

Yes, mostly…

What are your plans for the future?

I try to grow a little each year. starting with exhibitions in Berlin, I exhibited around germany past year and would love to have some shows internationally next year. As well i hope to have a lot of brutally genius ideas and having the best time of my live creating them. on the other side it is probably the best not to think so much about it anyway…

Is there anything else you want to say?

i was made for loving you, baby.


SuperEliot | Artist Profile

Name, City:
ELIOT (Vienna, Austria)
Crew / Company:
bk ~ afm

graffiti, illustration, screenprints
everything that i need

Visited Cities:

Inspired by:
originality is motivating

Why are you doing all of this:
monsters in my head told me so

Message to the world:
do you wish a happy ending?

Visit Website: SuperEliot

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