Sunday 02 February, 2014

Stroke Urban Art Fair | Munich 2012

Stroke Urban Art Fair | Munich 2012

Within the last two years, more than 47,000 visitors came to Munich to see artists and galleries from all over the world. Urban Art is now! In fact the huge variety of subcultural dynamics of the last 30 years in this melting pot is self-replicating.

Terms such as “Low Brow”, “Street Art”, “Graffiti”, “Illustration”, “Graphic Design” or “Comic Art” are fused with classic notions of art as well as unconventional resources and are newly interpreted in a fresh, innovative context. Streetendo™ Magazine visited the Stroke in Munich this year to display a glimpse of this Zeitgeist…

Stroke Urban Art Fair | Munich 2012 Fotos:

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Streetendo Magazine Author Profile

Mylan MaltéseRank: Street SurveillantTwitter:@streetendo
Mylan Maltése is one of Streetendo's main contributors. He is traveling all over the planet interviewing the greatest artists of today. He did millions of photos in countless city streets and on numerous exhibitions. – Feel free to contact him!

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