Impressum // About Streetendo™ Your Magazine for Urban Art & Exploration

Streetendo™ Magazine brings art straight to your couch! Sit back, relax and catch flicks from all around the planet. We travel a lot and a camera is always with us. Streetendo is reporting from the city streets, urban walls and countless exhibitions. Streetendo is interviewing artists and collectives.

Become a part of this community. Our Streetendo Foto Stock grows from day to day. Have fun with endless houres of brainblasting Visuals. Keep in touch with us for new Streetendo posts and fotos every day!

Editor-in-Chief and Web Editor:
Milan Grbovic   

Art Direction:
Mylan Maltése   
Marc Rittig          

Editorial / Production Staff / Redaktion:
Zhuoran Wu (Photo)
Marc Rittig           
Dedeoglu Cengiz 
Alexander Neumaier
Kaori Nakajima   



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