Monday 10 February, 2014

Artur Lesniewicz | Artist Interview

Streetendo met Artur Lesniewicz at the STROKE in Munich and we did an insightfull Interview…

Artur Lesniewicz | Artist Interview

Whats your artist name ? I`don`t know. My real Name is a strange Story. Lika a Avatar. Lesniewicz Artur
Descripe your art! – what are you doing? Watch. – I`m a Painter? I Guess?
Describe your style! Wild Morphinistic Because Anything is about to build a Structure in a Chaotic beginning. So to feel free to flow and to use different materials. I use often Iconic Elements, like Skulls, Asses, Flying Breasts, Comic Characters, sometimes realistic Elements and tell a Story which you can see in different Ways,Storylines.and Spaces . Soo… I would say I combine different Techniques and after Years I combine it to my own Style.

Which technique do you use? Any Technique which is suitable for my Artwork.
Mostly Acrylic Paint, Markers, Cans, Stencils, Computer and so on.
Do you have a favorite style? what are your motives? As I already said below.
Who influenced your work. name us some artists! Look downstairs.
What are your plans for the future? what will be the evolution? To go on and on and oooooonnnnnnnnnn………..
Since when do you make art? I Guess as anybody would say. Always! But no. I Guess…. Yeah. Always.
How did you started? Jerking? With ambition when I was nine. What?

Cities (for doing art): Some in Poland, Barcelona,. Marseille, Montpelier, Munich of course and yeah…
If you can find it, be Lucky;)
Artists who inspired you: Simon Bisley, Malczewski, Wyspianski, WON, Can Two, Jeff Phillips, Robert Williams, Robert Crump, Rembrandt, all the UCOMIX Magazine Stuff, Boris Valleyo, Marvel, Murakami , Mangakas like Matsamune Shirow and so on. I Can`t define what really influenced me the most. I`m like a Sponge. I Guess. Eat the Shit ans spit it out.

Why are you doing all of this? No fucking Idea! Pathos? Dedication?
Your message to the people: Is there anything else you want to say? Yeah… Gagadudulalalulu Don`t open the Curtains of Salome. It will make you Mad. Stay in your borders. Do not watch out of that. Make Children and listen always to the Law! Please:)

What about streetart in general in your city / country? I do not care about this.
who else is active in your city /country? Many People who Copy others Stuff, like all this Wannabee Banksy Stencil Shit which you can see on any Wall in the whole Town. But some are also very innovative, I think. But in the beginning… I think, Andi Arbeit started about 14 Years ago with some very Cool Stickers a huge Hype.
But I`m not sure.

Which artists are part of your crew or with whom do you go out for doing art? USBA (unitedskateboardartist) Helped me a lot. Maybe it is something like a collective? I was also in the Gallery Richter&Masset, but this is some Years ago, with JC Torre, I are Ugly, Beastiestylez and WON. But generally I do Art with anybody who is Cool and I can work with.
Thanks for your time, Artur!

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